Custom RPGs

Interested in having your very own custom tabletop roleplaying game designed just for you? I will design an RPG using your input, such as specific rules or components (dice, cards, dominos, marbles, whatever!) to fit into a world of your choice, either original or fandom. I will also run a session of your game for you!

$25 for up to 1,000 words
$40 for up to 2,000 words
$50 for up to 3,000 words
Extras, such as premade campaigns, can be discussed.

In Space/Love: 250 words
Found Parts: 434 words
tumblr feels at two am: 1128 words
Onward Wee Beenships: 2143 words
Another Etteilla: 3410 words

The Process
Email me at with concept, approximate length, and any special requests. Approve at outline stage, playtest stage, and final stage. Commissioned RPGs are for personal use only; Whimsy Machine retains all rights of games.