In Space/Love

You are adrift in space and it is beautiful. You have a communicator linked to a loved one. Tell them what you see. Connect between lightyears to share this experience.

Players: 2+
One person is the drifter.
The rest are in safety on the other end of a communicator. For best results, play long distance over your own communicator.

The drifter plays by describing a beautiful and alien observation. Identify something physically present and describe a celestial object as having similar characteristics.

Roll for suggestions:
1 – star
2 – planet
3 – asteroid
4 – nebula
5 – cluster
6 – void

The loved one listens. They ask questions. They try not to worry. They stay on the line. They share the wonder.

They worry.

After describing the first object, the drifter’s life support is low.

Do you tell them? Do you tell them something else instead? Do you lie? Do you tell them what they mean to you?

After describing the second object, life support is critical.

What questions do the loved ones ask? Are they fascinated by profound discoveries? Are they family? Do they miss you?

The final object is a spacecraft.

The drifter describes it, per usual, based on an object, pet, or image near them.

It collects the drifter. Loved ones ask about the strange interiors, the alien navigators, the drifter’s safety.

The drift is over. Inside the craft, the communicator falls silent. The last report: Who pilots the ship? Where are they going? Are they friendly? Is this now home?