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Found Parts

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This is a one player roleplaying game. You only need something to write on and with. It explores themes of body horror, mortality, and ability. Content warning: Blood, self-harm, surgical tools. Please check in with yourself as you play.
You will be asked to look critically at yourself and the parts you’re made of. You will be asked to explore in an imagined space thoughts and feelings brought on by fear. While in this space, consider both the personal and cultural implications of your decisions and how you arrived at them. At each decision, ask yourself: Why this? This game does not condone violence to yourself or others. If you’d like to seek help with the themes herein, I encourage you to contact local disability or mental health charities for the services they provide.

Illustrated by SJ Miller |

Written by Taylor Smith |

Graphic Design by Mariah Currey |

Read for Sensitivity by Ash Pana | and Roo Bernascone |

8 page zine.

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