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Twelve Hundred Words (PDF)

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Twelve Hundred Words is a series of five tiny tabletop RPGs; each one is exactly two hundred words and then all the other words in this 12-page zine add up to exactly the titular value. These games represent, in the abstract, my experiences with having OCD and Anxiety.

The five games included are:

  • You Have Many Thoughts, and Your Thoughts Beget More Thoughts wherein your inspirations, goals, and anxieties spiral out of your control.
  • Upon Thy Bardsong wherein action and conflict are resolved with singing.
  • Deceiviest wherein you lie to others and to yourself.
  • Love, Foundational wherein you can only act on love and its ties.
  • All A Game wherein anything and everything can be made into a game.

Mercedes "Cibby" Acosta provides beautiful and rich illustrations that frame each game, employing subtle symbolism and drawing from personal experience.

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